Tuesday, May 22, 2012

I am what I am.

Hi, Hi, Hi!! ^_^
Whoaaaam, I'm so bored *yawn*
I want to sleep but I'm not sleepy >..<
So, what i must to do?
"Write a New Entry!", said my heart.
Yeps, my heart is right xD
Sometimes, i want to change my style become more beautiful.
And, sometimes, i think if i have. . . . . . . .

- A Long Hair like her:

- An Eye Smile and Smile like her:

- A Cute Face like her:

- A Perfect Body like her:

But, I can't >,,< 
Because, I was born like this.
My God, Jesus has create me like this.
I am what I am.

So, dont dissapointed to urself if you fat, ugly, thin, short, ETC.
Just be grateful :) Thank God ^_^

Kekekeke >..<
Yeps! That is some beautiful words from me :D
And, my edited photos are arrived! It's 2 edited photos :DD
Let's see it! ^ __ ^ ~

Hohooohohohooooo~ xD
Okay, i wanna watching playing Twitter first! xx
Follow me : @michellemelodyC ^_^
Mention for follow back!<3
Good Bye! See you next time and God Bless You always! *waves*

Monday, May 14, 2012

Pretty Rainbow \(◦ⁿ ▽ ⁿ◦)/

Hello all!
I'm really happy today! ^ __ ^
You want to know? why am i happy today?
I'm happy because of, I'M FREE NOW!!
Yeaaahh (y) #going crazy :|
FREE, FREE and FREE from the National Exam! :'D

Ah! I forget to tell you! I found one cute rainbow in google when i search "Rain"
And, i get an idea! I want to share the Rainbow's Photos to all of you!! ;)

S  T  A  R  T ! !

Rainbow with an OREO! :3

Rainbow with a RAIN! :)

Yummy Rainbow Cake! *slurp*

Rainbow Dress! Wanna buy them all >.<

I Love Rainbow! ;;)

Whoaah! A little rainbow in that hand!! >.< Amazing *_*

a little rainbow in the cupcake :3 So cutee >.<

Now, its time to share my edit! ^^ Its only 1, sorry >.<
I cant edit 2 or else because, i'm afraid that my memory in my Daddy's laptop is full :P
Okay, lets see it :)

Sorry if its ugly.
I try my best! :)

Wooooooookaaay :P
I wanna take a bath first :D *omagawd!! :P*
Hehe~ Goodbye Bloggies! ;)
God bless and see you next time :**

Thursday, May 3, 2012

Good Luck for the NATIONAL EXAM!

Hi, guys!
I haven't write an entry for a long time, yeps? (;
Sorry! Because, 4 days left, i'll do the NATIONAL EXAM! >0<
Omgawd, i'm so nervous ._.
But, i can do it with God O:) Hihi~
And, after the National Exam finish, I'll always writing entry evryday! *OMGawd xP Just joking~ Keke
Okay, now, i'll start to post some pictures for encourage the others to do National Exam~

need to do this! :'D

Studying? OmaGawd~ *peace, teacher!X*

But, someone told me that,


And, for YOU!


for YOU and my friends who also will do the National Exam next monday!X

LAST, this is my edit ^^

Once again,
Good Luck for me and my friends and YOU too, who will do the National Exam!!
Oky, i wanna watch television first, i want to watch Digital Clip at TransTV~

Hve a nice day!♥