Sunday, June 24, 2012

Grade 6th's Farewell :")

Hello! :D
Hmm, how many days i didn't write an entry? Let me count! 1, 2, 3 *skip XD* 22 Days! :P

Hihi.. Anyway, I was very happy after hearing the Graduation Announcement of 6th Grade that My Friends and I have pass to Junior High School ^_^
And, now, I will share some Photos in the location ^^
Then, I will share some Photos of Me and My Friends at Farewell Event :)

while My Friends searching their name in many paper. If any one of their names doesn't exist in one paper so that person doesn't pass. But, thank GOD, My School is 100% Graduated ^^

Take a photo together! ^^
on Top: Loren, on Middle: Fransisca, on Down, from left: Eunike, Novi and Me :D

From left: Clianta, Me, Anastasya, Joan and Novi :)

Me ^^

Nice, eh? XD
I will miss that time so much :( *forget it, let's fly to the FAREWELL EVENT! :D*

- Part 1. In the Bus ^^ -

Listening a music. ^^

My Friends :)
From the left: Jenny, Jocelyn and Vionita ^^

- Part 2. At the Farewell Event :) -

Joan and Me ^^

the boys playing football :D

Cool B-)
From the left: Jonathan, Andi :)

Eating breakfast in the morning ^^
From the behind: Joan, Anastasya, Clianta and Me :)

the boys with their makeup! LOL wahaha..

- Part 3. Play in the Playground ;-) -

Marvello with the 'Piece' style :p

Okran eating biscuit like the DJ style XD

how to play the weird swing ._.

Marvello and Yohanes ^,^

playing in the night ;D

- Part 4. Playing in the River ^_^ -

Joan and Me again ;)

My Friend, Arun swimming in the river! XD

- Part 5. The View -

Camp fire at night ;D

Amazing >.<

Aaaahhhh! Done :)
Sorry if the post is too long because of the photos :|
Hihi.. And now, i wanna offline :)
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And, i will give bonus before I'm offline :)
Bonus: This song *look down* is GREAT! :) 
Hear it and read the lyrics ^^ I'm sure you will fall in love with this song ;D
So, good bye!! Take care and God Bless You ^_^

Friday, June 1, 2012

Hello June! ♥

Today is June 1, 2012. Oh my, I just can't believe, we were already in a half months of 2012.
Hyaaa, time goes so fast >.<
Good bye May! Hello June! :)
May is awesome month :') I can't forget the memories in May :(

Anyway, Everyone must have a wish xD and every month, they always update status "#JuneWish: be a better person, bla bla bla", right? XD
Hahaha.. And, i think me too! :b
Now, i want to sharee.. My June Wish xD

- Be a better girl.
- Be a famous blogger O:) *Amennnn*
- More love my Family and my Friends.
- More love him xD *who's him, who's him?? it's secret :b*
- More love JESUS!<3

Hihihi. That's my June Wish :)
How about you? ^_^

And, here it is me and my June xD

Me, Pink Teddy and My June ^^ Hihihi..

That's all for June 1, 2012! ^^
Thank you for watching :) *ups!! i'm wrong x_x
Hehe, Thank you for reading ^^
I wanna edit many photos of myself!! :b
So, goodbye and see you next time! Godbless ^_^