Wednesday, January 2, 2013

Happy New Year 2013!

Let us welcome 2013 with full and new spirit, commitment for me and you to be a better person and for best future in this live :)
Today, Chapter 13 page 2 of 365. So, write a good one ;)

HI EVERYOOOONE! So today is the second day of 2013. I can't write a post yesterday, because i'm too busy-_-
Anw, Thank you 2012 for all. I will never forget all memories i ever do with beloved people :')
I hope, I will be clever at Math and Science on 2013 and I can make my family and my friends more proud of me. #AMEN.
And, guys, what are you doing on yesterday night? I played with my cousins and have a dinner with my family. YES, IT'S SO FUUUN! <3
These are some photos of me and my cousins on New Year Eve Party!!


with cute little Shannon <3

Anw, recently, i found a picture and that picture make me fall in love with pink nailpolish!
Then, i started to ask one girl who love nailart and she is Arnelia. She's my big sis and she has gave me so many advices <3 Thankyou sist <3<3
After that, i started to search a pink nailpolish, i search it at The Face Shop. And, Thank God, i found one! Even though, it doesn't similiar with the original. And here it is the photos of my nails, i took many photos of it cause i love it too much XD

it's different, right?

my nails are so pretty right? xx

So there are some photos of me on the end of 2012. THANK YOU SO MUCH 2012 :')
I will never forget the moments when me and my best friends laughing for something weird, when me and my best friends talking a secret, when me and my mom laughing together because of silly me-_- and too much memories i can't forget! Uh, time goes so fast. (˘⌣˘)

A bonus photo from me:

Happy New Year 2013 Fellas! xx

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