Wednesday, September 19, 2012

my precious best friends.

Hello amazing pipol. xx
so, today is september. and september. and SEPTEMBER.
tomorrow is october. and after october, november and then december.
HAHAHA. maybe i should buy a time machine :-p
but, where's the place to buy it?
haha, forget it. :p

let's discuss about my precious best friends :)
my best friends are amazing. they always make me laugh and smile.
but sometimes they make me sad by their words.
and, i wanna share some photos of me and my best friends in school.
please look down guys ;;)

3 beautiful girls! anastasya, novi and me ♥

besties! novi, okran, me, christian and anastasya ♥

coollll. okran, novi, me, christian and anastasya ♥

we are the king&the queen. hermawan, okran, christian, me, anastasya and novi ♥

we love our teeth! me and novi :-D

3 beautiful girls again.. me, anastasya and novi ♥

so, there are some photos of me and my precious best friends :)
and actually, i have six more best friends but they aren't in the photos ^^
for bonus, i will give two photographs by me ;;) HEHEHE
check this outtt!



i laffff this pic!! ♥♥♥

and, that's it :)
what do you think about my pics? ;;)
aren't it's amazing? GYEHEHE.
ohya! i have one music video from Jayeslee for you guys:)
you know Jayeslee? Jayeslee is the name of the twin ladies. They're Sonia and Janice. They're so friendly! ILIKETHEM ♥
and, you should watch and hear this video:
OH MY GOSH, their voice is so amazing! make me comfortable~ yea, you should watch and hear it.

and, i wanna study first. on friday, i will have a test -_-
so goodbye guys <3 see you next time!


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Sunday, September 16, 2012

Liebster Award Tag

Hi again! So, i was tagged by Sue Anne to do this. Thankyou! :)

1. What do you like to wear more frequently?
short and simple shirt. yeah, that's outfit always make me comfortable everyday :)

2. What did you enjoy the most? School life/College life?
School life. I more love school than college :-p

3. Favorite book?
My favorite book is Hi, Miiko! by Ono Eriko and some books that tell about K-Pop :D

4. One thing you're afraid for?

5. What brought you to blogging?
Hmm. My adventures and my stories :)

6. Favourite makeup product?
Powder, Powder and Powder ;D

7. Fondest memory?
I have many fondest memory in my life, but i will choose one, it's my Grade 6th's Farewell :')

8. What do you prefer? Heavy or simple makeup?
Simple makeup. its make me natural and pretty everyday. but, i usually wear heavy makeup for a party :)

9. One thing you love doing the most?
Laughing something with my best friends and togetherness with my family.

10. Any phobia?
Yes. Height phobia-_- Until now, i can't playing flying fox cause i'm afraid to fall.

11. Lipstick or Lipgloss?
Lipgloss definitely. It can make my lips more shining. but, i like lipstick too, it make my lips colored.

Now, I'm tagging:
Diana Leonita Gozalim
Joan Milenia
Claireta Teressa
Eka Theresia
Cindy Octaviany/Cindyyo