Friday, April 20, 2012

Sweet Candies

Hello ~
Lalala~ I'm so happy today!
Because, i've played with Joan and Anastasya at Anastasya's Home this evening!
They're my best friends but sometime they're my enemy B-)
I will share the photos tomorrow because, some bad thing happen so I cant post it now (;
wihihi ~
okay, today, i'm very interested with sweet candies ♥
because, it has a sweet looks, delicious candies(?) and cute >oo<
I will share the photos of them now ^^
Get ready, set, GOO!! *going crazy :/*

Keep Calm and Eat Sweets! ♥

LAST, This is my edit! Paralalalapam~

Oha! :P
I wanna tell you something.. But, PSST! Dont tell anyone! *actually, this blog have many readers, so this message is not a secret but an announcement :P*
The announcement is, still not closing >,< But, said, on April 19th, 2012, will close!
What a weird announcement, right?XX
But, its okay, cause' me and my friends can still edit using!~

Yappy! Hihi ~
That's all for today!~
I wanna eat my meal first, im hungry! Hem, actually its not a meal, but its a DINNER :b
Hehehex ~ Bye-Bye!
See you next time! GodBless!XX

Thursday, April 19, 2012

Put Your Hearts Up!

Hi, guys!
I miss you all, XOXO!
This week, me and my  friends have a difficult and easy exams! :'D
But, its over! Now, its time to refreshing!~
two (2) weeks later, me and my friends will have a national exam!
that national exam will bring me from 6th Grade to Junior High School! *dancing, dancing*
Kekeke xD
By the way, yesterday, I heard a very very beautiful voice! It's Ariana Grande's voice. (:
She's so pretty! I love her song, Put Your Hearts Up.

And, I will use that title song for my new entry's title :P
Yay! Emph, I forgot that is closing today T.T
But, its okay, i've some edits place beside
Let's start!~

This is it, Ariana Grande!

Wow, she's so beautiful, i'm in love with her! NO NO NO!!~ :P

Okay! For You who want to hear her voice, click this!
You want the lyric too? Search it in google! *Sorry, wihihi~*
It just an INTERMEZO~ ^^
Okay, for the lyric, click here!

Before I finished this entry, I want to say..


The People will miss too :'( -->

My Last Edit :'(

Goodbye , See you next time *kiss*
Okay! (:
Its time to take a rest (:
Sorry for the long entry, guys!
Good Bye! See you next time, GodBless and Have a good day (:

Sunday, April 15, 2012

What is Love? :/

What is Love? :/
I'm searching the meaning of Love at google now.
Want to help me?? Xixi ~
Help me, help me!~
Okay, i'll search it myself.

For Chris Crocker,
"And even though i cant trust you, i love you. That's love. When you love someone even though you dont trust them."

For The Beatles,
"Love is old, Love is new, Love is all, Love is you."

For Me,
"I hate you, but i love all about you."

Lets post some pictures, then~

*Look up* My Edit B) Xixi ~

*Look up* My Edit too :P

And for the history, tereng teng teng teng!
parapapap~ wikipedia !!~ :P
Going crazy - _ -
Hehehehe ~

Wokkayy ! I wanna take a rest >,<
Im tired T.T
You know, every time i've done finished my entry, i always tired :P
See you next time! God Bless ~ XX

Saturday, April 14, 2012

Because It's You

Annyeong! Hi! ^_^
What're you doin' guys?
I had a headache -___-
Mybe, because of study hard?! :P
Ahahaha! Mommy! I wanna refreshing for a moment!! T.T
Hahaha. LOL!
Lately, I really like 'Because It's You' by Girls' Generation's Tiffany (Love Rain OST.)
The lyric is make me comfortable!~

"It's okay even if it's a painful love.
Even if I erase the last love in my life.
You are someone that cannot be erased.
Even if it's a sad destiny, I can't let you go.
I love you because it's you."

Huaaaaaaaaaaaa, I want to crying :(
Thankyou Tiffany for your OST. Song!!

Anyway, you dont know Tiffany Hwang??
Okay, I will give some of her photo..

ChupsChups** This is Tiffany with her Self Camera ~

Kay, for YOU who want to hear Tiffany's voice and want to hear 'Because It's You' (Love Rain OST.) By Tiffany, click here!
For English and Korean lyrics, click here too !!~


Sooyoung Unnie's Fashion Sense!! Woaaa, Unnie!! Saranghaeyo~~!

Yaps! Done!
Because it's You~~ >,,<
Haha, okay, i wanna lie in my bed first!
Im tired + headache :$
See you guys!
Have a blessed days. GodBless!XX

Friday, April 13, 2012

Shopping in my Dream

I miss you all, guys!! *hug*
Hihihi. I wanna post an entry for you all!
I miss making entry :3
Im sooooo busy this week, schooling, studying, playing #xP, and more!
I dont have an idea to post about what(?)
But, it's okay, i've got an idea!~ ^_^
I wanna share about Shopping in my Dream!
Okay, lets start shopping!! ^_<

First, let's shopping Mobetrix Camera!!

Second, Samsung Galaxy Young!! :D

Third, emm.. All things of Rilakkuma!! :DD

Fourth, Got SNSD's Stuff! >,<

Fifth, Got a cute bag! Actually, I want different pictures but, its okay ∩_∩

Its just my ugly edited --" Sorry if my skill is bad.
I've try the best~

Kay, we finished shopping! Hiuuuh, Im very tired ⌣_⌣”
We'll shopping again, later!
Sorry for crazy entry today --" Xixixi ~
Hve a nice day! ◦'⌣'◦
Seeyounexttime~ GodBless!XX

Sunday, April 8, 2012

Happy Easter! ♥

Hello (:
Anyway, Happy Easter guys!
Jesus God has risen to Heaven today >,<
Thankyou Jesus for Your Sacrifice !
I Love You so much, Jesus !
I want to celebrate Easter now >o<
I want to post Photos, History, and many things of Easter ! ^_^
Check this out, guys !

====== Easter History ======
See this -->
If I post Easter History here, it will be the longggeeessstttttt entry in this world *omo o.O xixi ~

====== Easter with Bunny ======

====== My Edit ======

====== Jesus's Sacrifice and Risen ======

====== Jesus and Children! ======

I want to be that child T.T

====== Easter Video ^_^ ======

Here some text from me to Jesus ^_^
"Jesus, Thankyou for Your Sacrifice.
Thankyou for all You give to me.
I'm very happy that I've God like You.
I wanna be that child, who can hug You! Jesus, You're the best!
Thankyou JESUS! :')

Hehe, I made my text myself >o<
Once again, thankyou thankyou thankyou JESUS! ^_<

Saturday, April 7, 2012

Tinkerbell in the Sky

*listening a song* I'll be your Tinkerbell in the Sky \=D/
Hello! How are you today? Happy Saturday *xP
Anyway, I've been Tinkerbell Fans now! Xixixi ~
I want to post something about Tinkerbell!
You wanna see it?
Really wanna see it?
Okay! I'll post it now ;)

- Quotes -
"Laughter is timeless, imagination has no age, dreams are forever." [Tinkerbell]

- Edit by Me -

- Tinkerbell History -
Hehe, if i post Tinkerbell History here, it will be the longest entry in the world -__- xP

- Tinkerbell REAL Person -
{Premiere Of Walt Disney Pictures' "Tinkerbell" Blu-Ray & DVD}

Kristin Chenoweth and Tinkerbell.

Bob Chapek, John Lasseter, Dick Cook, Tinkerbell

{Tinkerbell Honored On the Hollywood Walk of Fame}

{"Disney On Ice Presents Princess Wishes" Treats Children from The Sunshine Kids To a Special Skating Exprience}

Mickey Mouse, Minnie Mouse and Tinkerbell :D

Woaaaaah, so tired T.T
Okay, I wanna take my food first! Eating Eating ^_^
See you guys!

Friday, April 6, 2012

Take a Photos with Different Locations!

Hello Hello!
Good Friday ~ ^_^
This morning, I have gone to Church because of today is Good Friday ^-^
Then, I have gone to Hospital to visit my Grandma ~ She has a surgery yesterday :(
Then, I have gone to Emporium Pluit (MALL) ~
At that 3 (Three) Place, I have take some photos with many different locations !
Lets see it together ! ~

{At Church}

Twin Sisters come back ! (1)

Twin Sisters come back ! (2)

Twin Sisters come back ! (3)

Me at Stair ~

{At Hospital}

Desmanol for wash your hand ~ ^-^ Doesnt use water too ~


{At Emporium Pluit (MALL)}

Spring Sale at SOGO :D

Magazine at SOGO ~

Bonus Again ~

Hihi ~ Yoon Unnie so cute >,<

Huaah , Tired ! T,T
OFFLINE first !
Im very tired , want to sleep x_x
My eyes are lowbatt xD
GoodBye all ~~ GodBless!XOXO

Thursday, April 5, 2012

Vacation to Desa Cinangneng, Bogor~

Hi ~
Do you remember, when i said, i will post about my vacation to Desa Cinangneg, Bogor but can't because, my phone is lost (?)
Read my last entry (Wednesday, 04 April 2012 *look down*) if you dont remember!~
As my promise, I want to post the photos at Desa Cinangneng, Bogor ! :D
Check this out ! All'a boys, all'a boys *Ouch ! Just Kidding :P >o< I sing 'The Boys' by Girls' Generation xD*
Seriously now, check this out, guys !~

Alvin (Hold a Green Bottle) and Her Brother, Alvito (on Swing)

From Left : Alvin, Albert, Alvito, Aldian

From Left : Fransisca, Me, Joan

Found pink chick !~ So cute >o<

Alvin and His girly style >,<

My Lovely Friends ! Cant spell their name once because too many :P


Pretty right ? OF COURSE *-_-

That's all~
Hehe~ I dont know what to said .__.
Okay! Time to OFFLINE.
I wanna study first~ And, I'll be ONLINE again~ ^-^
Goodbye~~! GodBless!XOXO