Wednesday, April 4, 2012


Hello, Hello ;;)
Today, Tomorrow, After Tomorrow, Saturday and Sunday ^-^
5 days, I'm study at home, actually it means holiday xD
I'll rarely online because of STUDYING ~
But, it's okay, it will make me SMART \=D/
This morning, I've gone to Desa Cinangneng, Bogor w/ My Brother, My Mom, My Maid, My Father and My School's Friends :DD
I'll post about that later ~
Because the photos are in my phone, while my phone is lost, i dont know where it is .__.
Okay! I wanna post about *emmmm*
Aha! Post about 'I LOVE YOU' in many languanges ;)
Post it ! See See ! Hahax :P

1. In Indonesian : Aku Cinta Kamu
2. In Korean : Saranghaeyo
3. In Italian : Ti Amo
4. In English : I Love You
5. In German : Ich Liebe Dich
6. In France : Je T'aime
7. In Portuguese : Eu Te Amo
8. In Spain : Te Amo
9. In Japanese : Aishiteru
10. In Chinese : Wo Ai Ni
11. In Tawainese : Wa Ga Ei Li
12. In Hawaiian : Aloha Wau Ia Oi
13. In Filipino : Mahal Kita
14. In Malaysia : Saya Cintakan Kamu
15. In Georgian : Miquar Shen

Time to post the Picture ! ~

I mean, i've finished making entry, xixixi xD
Hehe, okay ~ i wanna comment in my fav blog for a while ~
See you next time guys !


  1. M to J : Wo ai ni !!! hha ! ohya, btw btw wjwjdncoq
    nnti mw posting ttg cinangneng gak ? ribet neh mw mindahin fto sma video ajja zzzzzzzz -___-

  2. chelle, bntr lgi viewers lu 1000 ! goodlcuk yah ~!
    kita bkin reader art yok :p pngen nyoba. jdi gw bkin art bwt blog lu, nnti lu pjang trus lu bkin bwt gw. nnti gw pjang juga do blog gw :D mw gakk? :D


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