Friday, April 6, 2012

Take a Photos with Different Locations!

Hello Hello!
Good Friday ~ ^_^
This morning, I have gone to Church because of today is Good Friday ^-^
Then, I have gone to Hospital to visit my Grandma ~ She has a surgery yesterday :(
Then, I have gone to Emporium Pluit (MALL) ~
At that 3 (Three) Place, I have take some photos with many different locations !
Lets see it together ! ~

{At Church}

Twin Sisters come back ! (1)

Twin Sisters come back ! (2)

Twin Sisters come back ! (3)

Me at Stair ~

{At Hospital}

Desmanol for wash your hand ~ ^-^ Doesnt use water too ~


{At Emporium Pluit (MALL)}

Spring Sale at SOGO :D

Magazine at SOGO ~

Bonus Again ~

Hihi ~ Yoon Unnie so cute >,<

Huaah , Tired ! T,T
OFFLINE first !
Im very tired , want to sleep x_x
My eyes are lowbatt xD
GoodBye all ~~ GodBless!XOXO


Thanks for the sweet comment in my blog.
I will reply it one by one, and of course take a look of your blog! ;D
Tell me if you want to follow each other! :)
Thank you so much!