Saturday, April 7, 2012

Tinkerbell in the Sky

*listening a song* I'll be your Tinkerbell in the Sky \=D/
Hello! How are you today? Happy Saturday *xP
Anyway, I've been Tinkerbell Fans now! Xixixi ~
I want to post something about Tinkerbell!
You wanna see it?
Really wanna see it?
Okay! I'll post it now ;)

- Quotes -
"Laughter is timeless, imagination has no age, dreams are forever." [Tinkerbell]

- Edit by Me -

- Tinkerbell History -
Hehe, if i post Tinkerbell History here, it will be the longest entry in the world -__- xP

- Tinkerbell REAL Person -
{Premiere Of Walt Disney Pictures' "Tinkerbell" Blu-Ray & DVD}

Kristin Chenoweth and Tinkerbell.

Bob Chapek, John Lasseter, Dick Cook, Tinkerbell

{Tinkerbell Honored On the Hollywood Walk of Fame}

{"Disney On Ice Presents Princess Wishes" Treats Children from The Sunshine Kids To a Special Skating Exprience}

Mickey Mouse, Minnie Mouse and Tinkerbell :D

Woaaaaah, so tired T.T
Okay, I wanna take my food first! Eating Eating ^_^
See you guys!


  1. padahal dulu gw pngen post ttg tinkerbell keduluan deh sma lu :p

    1. oya? wkwkwk
      sorry deh, gw aja kepikiran pas denger lagu snsd tinkerbell >,<

  2. great pic :)

  3. nice pics ;) maybe we could follow each other?


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