Thursday, April 5, 2012

Vacation to Desa Cinangneng, Bogor~

Hi ~
Do you remember, when i said, i will post about my vacation to Desa Cinangneg, Bogor but can't because, my phone is lost (?)
Read my last entry (Wednesday, 04 April 2012 *look down*) if you dont remember!~
As my promise, I want to post the photos at Desa Cinangneng, Bogor ! :D
Check this out ! All'a boys, all'a boys *Ouch ! Just Kidding :P >o< I sing 'The Boys' by Girls' Generation xD*
Seriously now, check this out, guys !~

Alvin (Hold a Green Bottle) and Her Brother, Alvito (on Swing)

From Left : Alvin, Albert, Alvito, Aldian

From Left : Fransisca, Me, Joan

Found pink chick !~ So cute >o<

Alvin and His girly style >,<

My Lovely Friends ! Cant spell their name once because too many :P


Pretty right ? OF COURSE *-_-

That's all~
Hehe~ I dont know what to said .__.
Okay! Time to OFFLINE.
I wanna study first~ And, I'll be ONLINE again~ ^-^
Goodbye~~! GodBless!XOXO


Thanks for the sweet comment in my blog.
I will reply it one by one, and of course take a look of your blog! ;D
Tell me if you want to follow each other! :)
Thank you so much!