Sunday, February 26, 2012

Park Ji Yeon's SELCA~

Hello guys! coming back! ^^
I'm coming back with some SelCa of my favourite Korean Actress..
It's T-ARA's Park Ji Yeon! ^^
Its all SelCa guys.. She is so pretty ><
Envy! ><
Okay, lets see her photos~ ^^

Bright Smile~ ^^

Simple Face^^

My Favourite SELCA of her><

Goddess Ji Yeon O:)

With her hair, hahaha xD

Wink ;)

Smile :)

Xixi xD her TEETH ><

Waa, Cute and Beautiful!

Last, this is my edit! *look up* good, right?

Hehehe~ She's pretty right? Yeah! I'm envy, i wanna be pretty like her! O:)
See you next time, guys :* God Bless You! O:)

Saturday, February 25, 2012

videos time♡

Hi! i've try out this week..
Maybe i've got headache because of try out?! HAHAHA -_-
Okay, dont discuss about TRY OUT..
lets have some fun tonight! Hehehe~
Giving some pictures? No..
Giving some quotes? No, No..
Giving some stories? No, No, No..
Giving some.. videos? Yes! ^^

Hahaha.. i'll give some videos for you all!
check this out~

Perfect Videos:
1. (T-ara(티아라) _ Lovey-Dovey in Tokyo MV)
2. (SNSD - Day By Day MV)

Good Videos:
1. (Super Junior 슈퍼주니어_Mr.Simple_MUSICVIDEO)
2. (BEAST - 'Beautiful' OFFICIAL M/V)

Lovely Videos:
1. (Girls' Generation 소녀시대_THE BOYS_Music Video (KOR ver.))
2. (Wonder Girls (원더걸스) - Be My Baby)

Okay, there're some videos from me! ENJOY ƪ(˘⌣˘)

Sunday, February 19, 2012

SelCa time~

Hello guys!
Coming back after doing many test at my school..
How tired~ :'(
Now, I'll share some my SelCa's Photos!
Do you know SelCa? SelCa is Self Camera.. Kekeke xD
Sorry for make you confused~
Wokay, ready for see my SelCa? Its all edit :P

Dringking a Juice and Pose! ^^


Borrow my Uncle's Camera~ ^^

Simple Edit! (:

There are some My SelCa! Enjoy it? Hahaha xD

Saturday, February 11, 2012

Wooooott! Quotes Time~

Woooottt! I'm coming back!!
Kekeke xD I'm coming with Quotes~
The quotes are making me cry now :'(
Okay, I will share it now~ ^o^

About Friend :')

Dream :')

Life :')

The Last! It's my niece's hand! I edit it..

The quotes are very good, right? Hahaha.. If you say no, I'm sad :'(
Kekeke xD I Love Quotes~ ^o^

Friday, February 10, 2012

My Lovely Idol and Unnie's Birthday!

Annyeonghaseyo~ (Hello in KOREAN)
Huaaaaa, I think.. This year will be the busy year -_-
Because, I have many exams! :'(
Okay, I'll not talk about exam because, someone has a special day today..
It's CHOI SOO YOUNG! My lovely Idol and Unnie!
Today is her birthday.. I can't be patient to celebrate it!
Yeah~ Let's celebrate it!

Girls' Generation Celebrating Sooyoung's Birthday! Sooyoung is holding flowers.

Waa, love from Sooyoung Unnie for us <3

Edits <3

There is some photo about Sooyoung Unnie~
Saengil Chukkha Hamnida Unnie^^
God Bless You Always! I will be your fans forever.. Muaaachh <3

Saturday, February 4, 2012

Happiest day ever..

Annyeonghaseyo~ (Hello in KOREAN)
How long I can't write a nice entry for you guys? T.T
Very very busy this month! ><
today, I'm very happy! it's because I will write a nice entry for you guys! ^^ Kekeke xD
I will show you about the Celebrities' Friendship! :)
Wanna start?! LOL. Let's start then! ^^

1. Selena Gomez and Taylor Swift.
Taylor Swift posted the adorable photo above to Twitter along with posting the following Message:
"The day @selenagomez and I learned a valuable lesson from a pillow."
When Selena Gomez saw the picture she replied:
"Ah yes. That was a milestone."

2. SNSD's Sooyoung and SNSD's Yoona
On the 17th, Y-STAR released another episode of Right Now Girls’ Generation. The girls talked about their online rankings made by their fans on this episode. In the rankings, the girls were ordered according to different categories such as popularity, singing ability, height, etc.
Sooyoung took first place for having the strongest aura/force.
The members commented, “Sooyoung has the strongest aura/force but we’re the strongest all together.”
Why did she win first place for this category? Because Sooyoung’s birthday is early. What? Yes, I was confused too. But it’s because she was born in February of 1990, she is considered the same age as the 1989-ers of the group and gets treated like an unnie by Yoona, who is only three months younger.
The weird thing is, there is an 11-month difference between her and Taeyeon, yet they’re considered the same age whereas her and Yoona aren’t. This is why the fans picked her as the one with the strongest aura/force. They thought because of her force, Yoona treated her to be older.
Sooyoung said, “When I first came into the company, I was in the same grade as the 89-ers. Three years later, Yoona came into the company. Since she was a hubae in terms of being a trainee and a student so she treated me like an unnie.”
She continued, “Then I went to Japan to promote as an artist. When I came back, I was in the same grade as Yoona so I told her to treat me as the same age. She said that it was okay and continued to call me unnie.”
She then said, “I never wanted to be an unnie to Yoona. I wanted to be her best friend.”
But I can see what the fans are talking about. Sooyoung has a certain force.
3. KARA's Hara and KARA's Seungyeon.
KARA’s Hara, bored from sitting in the waiting room, decided to a photo of fellow member Seungyeon which she has shared via her Twitter page. On January 18th, Hara tweeted, “I’m all done getting ready… Why aren’t they coming~ Hmm hmm, I’m bored! I’m exhausted from waiting… Seungyeon unni too.”
Along with the update, Hara shared two photos. The first is of herself slouching on a chair while pointing her phone camera at Seungyeon. The second shows Seungyeon sitting on a chair like a cute puppy, causing fans to smile at her pose. Her red hair in the photo also caught the attention of fans.
Netizens commented, “You’ve been worn out by waiting!“, “I really like that color on Seungyeon!“, and “New color… does this mean a comeback??”
Both girls are adorable, aren’t they?

Finiish~ Do you enjoy the entry? Kekeke xD
If you enjoy, comment. If you don't enjoy, comment too! Hahaha..
Kamsahamnida~ See you next time^^