Sunday, February 26, 2012

Park Ji Yeon's SELCA~

Hello guys! coming back! ^^
I'm coming back with some SelCa of my favourite Korean Actress..
It's T-ARA's Park Ji Yeon! ^^
Its all SelCa guys.. She is so pretty ><
Envy! ><
Okay, lets see her photos~ ^^

Bright Smile~ ^^

Simple Face^^

My Favourite SELCA of her><

Goddess Ji Yeon O:)

With her hair, hahaha xD

Wink ;)

Smile :)

Xixi xD her TEETH ><

Waa, Cute and Beautiful!

Last, this is my edit! *look up* good, right?

Hehehe~ She's pretty right? Yeah! I'm envy, i wanna be pretty like her! O:)
See you next time, guys :* God Bless You! O:)


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