Sunday, February 19, 2012

SelCa time~

Hello guys!
Coming back after doing many test at my school..
How tired~ :'(
Now, I'll share some my SelCa's Photos!
Do you know SelCa? SelCa is Self Camera.. Kekeke xD
Sorry for make you confused~
Wokay, ready for see my SelCa? Its all edit :P

Dringking a Juice and Pose! ^^


Borrow my Uncle's Camera~ ^^

Simple Edit! (:

There are some My SelCa! Enjoy it? Hahaha xD


  1. Gila tuh nama blog lu, MMLJYSM, kkxkckckckc =p kwkw just kid ;p

  2. kkwwkwk, lu msih buka fb kan? comment2 post nya si Jojo lgi,kwkw

  3. gk main d laptop.. di bbnya papa gw :P habis dia nyolot sih..


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