Friday, February 10, 2012

My Lovely Idol and Unnie's Birthday!

Annyeonghaseyo~ (Hello in KOREAN)
Huaaaaa, I think.. This year will be the busy year -_-
Because, I have many exams! :'(
Okay, I'll not talk about exam because, someone has a special day today..
It's CHOI SOO YOUNG! My lovely Idol and Unnie!
Today is her birthday.. I can't be patient to celebrate it!
Yeah~ Let's celebrate it!

Girls' Generation Celebrating Sooyoung's Birthday! Sooyoung is holding flowers.

Waa, love from Sooyoung Unnie for us <3

Edits <3

There is some photo about Sooyoung Unnie~
Saengil Chukkha Hamnida Unnie^^
God Bless You Always! I will be your fans forever.. Muaaachh <3


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