Sunday, July 15, 2012

Vacation to Penang and Langkawi ♥

Hello guys!
So today i will tell you a story about my holiday in Penang and Langkawi ^^
And, this post will be the long post, hehe. so, sorry :p
Okay, forget it XD
By the way, I really enjoy my holiday at that two place ;D
It's really really really funn! \^.^/ HIHIHI~

Okay, let's start the story! ;)
I was in Penang for 3 days and 2 night~
In Penang, me and my family visit manyyyyy good places! ;)
One of them Georgetown :)
In Georgetown, we can search any delicious foods! ;9
Hihi. And, this is my adventure at Georgetown! ^^

First, we visit Buddha Statue. I forgot its' name .__.
There are many statue in that place >.<
But there is 2 Famous Budda Statue. 1 Statue of a Sleeping Buddha and 1 Statue of a Standing Buddha~
Let's check out the photos! :D

this is me and my lil brother, Christian at Dragon Statue ;]

Me and a Sleeping Buddha Statue! ^^ *actually, I'm trying to hold his/her's head XD*

And, me with a Standing Buddha Statue :)

Second, we visit Toy Museum! ;D
Wohoo~ I think Toy Museum is a castle for the children XD
In Toy Museum, i meet Po! The panda in Kungfu Panda ;) Hihi.
And, i meet many toy at that place but I didnt take a picture a lot. Hehe :}

me and Po! :)

me and Wall-e :D

me with Barbie&Ken ;)

And then, we go to Langkawi! ;)
I was in Langkawi for.. Same with I was in Penang! 3 days and 2 night..
I think, Langkawi is more better than Penang, GYAHAHA XD
And, you know? Langkawi has a symbol.. Its symbol is an Eagle~
Hihi. I will post my photo with that Eagle ;D

hehe ;]

Hihi. Its me, my niece, Shannon, my lil bro, Christian and my Grandma ;)

Yohooo~ After we visit the Symbol of Langkawi..
Then, we visit 3 Island by a Boat! ;D
The Island are Beras Basah Island, Singa Besar Island and Dayang Bunting Island! ;)
So, in Beras Basah Island you can swimming, eating, playing sand and many more! :)
In Singa Besar Island, you just can see flying eagles and feeding eagle.
In Dayang Bunting Island, you can see the picture of pregnant maiden.. [for more info, click here] :)
and, these are some pictures of me and my family in a Boat, Beras Basah Island and Dayang Bunting Island :)

me in a boat! ^,^

in Dayang Bunting Island! ^.^

me and my mom :)

at Beras Basah Island! ;)

hihi :]

and, FINISH!
so, that's my time during the holiday! :)
I'm really enjoy my holiday this year ;)
How about you? Where are you during the holiday this year? Hihi ;D
By the way, its time to TAKE A NAP! I'm really sleepy~ I wanna sleep first *yawn*
So, goodbye ♥{} God bless you :)

Tuesday, July 3, 2012

Having fun at my Bestie's birthday party ;)

Aloha, everyone! ^^
OH MY GAWD! Today is July 3, 2012!! AAAA. Time flies so fastttt like a jetttt!! :O
Huhu.. Why times flies so fast? :( Okay, forget it! XD

Hmm.. Today, i wanna share some story and some photos about my Best Friend's Birthday. Her name is Anastasya ;)
Her birthday party is at Bakmi GM (In Indonesia), GM Noodle (In English). The Restaurant is at Emporium Pluit Mall :)
And now, i will share the Photos! ;)

Anas and her Birthday cake! ;)

from left: Novi, Me and Joan! We're taking this photo at Toilet XD

eating lollipop! :D and Joan is next to me XD

The birthday girl, Anas, Joan and Me ;)

me with lollipop and teddy! ;)

Joan with teddy! :)

Novi and Joan at the Restaurant :)

and, i will give the BONUS! ;)
the BONUS is an edited pict, hehe.
okay, let's see it! *look down*
*look up* Hehe. Sorry if it's ugly! :D
I try my best to make that, hehe ^^

i have one photo for you guys :)

That's all! :D
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Okay, its time to offline! >.<
Good bye and take care all! ;)