Friday, January 20, 2012

Say Hello..

Hello All!
This is my first blog.. Haha, actually not..
I have 1 blog before my friend made this blog for me..
But, I can't edit my blog again, because, my laptop have a trouble with my first blog..
Now, this is my second blog.. Say Hello to all of you! ^^
What can you see in this blog? MANY! Hahaha..
Okay, now, I'll start to share many things for this blog~ ^o^
Bye-bye, waiting for something happen to this blog ;)


  1. chelle, kok ksong? o.o
    tpi di dasbor gw entri nya gk ksong o.o cba edit lgi

  2. This comment has been removed by the author.

  3. Oke ;) siap slalu untuk bntu coment! :p

  4. nice blog ce :)
    follow aku yah^^ thx

  5. buset dah chelle! entri pertama lngsng 10 comments? dahsyat wkkwwk , follow gw yah1!!!!!!!! thx ^^

  6. Michelle daebak cieh! ^^ skrng udh 12 comments! ^^ #rsanya blog gw klah yah? :( :|
    Keep blogging chelle!! ♥ :D hope you'll be famous coz your blog, and dont forget me!! XP :P

  7. Thank you semuanya!
    @Gabby : Udah^^ Iyalah, yg comment cuma gua and joan, haha! ^^
    @Jovin : Thankyoou<3
    @Joan : <3 U ! Keep blogging juga yaa ^^ :D


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