Friday, August 10, 2012


Hey, it's august! I think, i just wrote Hello July's entry yesterday!
Time flies so fast, right? o.O
Okay, let's not discuss the time! :B

August, it's my favourite month. Because, i'm born in August and, ah! i love AUGUST!♥
and, this is a picture of august, i got it from tumblr 1 hour ago:)


my wish in August is just, have a good birthday party! ;p, have a good score and enjoy the holidays of Ramadan :p
what's your wish in August? hoho ;-D

Ah! I will show you, an edited photo of me using a funny pose. *i think it's not a funny pose ;p*

pretty, right? HAHAHA :p

I wanna offline and take a bath first :) Goodbye and takecare all{}

Don't forget to SMILE! :)


Thanks for the sweet comment in my blog.
I will reply it one by one, and of course take a look of your blog! ;D
Tell me if you want to follow each other! :)
Thank you so much!