Sunday, November 18, 2012

Almasih JHS Ret-reat 2012!

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Anyway, today is Saturday so happy Saturday everyone! :p
So, I come back with a new amazing adventure! Curious? HAHAHA
Ok, lets discuss about it! ;)

So, on November 12th-November 14th, me and my friends went to Lembah Pinus in Cianjur, Puncak for Ret-reat. *someone doesn't know what is retreat? Retreat is a special activity of spiritual formation. more info: click here*
We have so much fun in there! Praise the Lord, play games, take some photos, and so many more! I can't forgot this moment :')
Anyway, this is the first time me and my friends went to ret-reat in Junior High School!
And, these are some photos of me and my friends in Lembah Pinus ;) check it out!

in the bus!

in the indoor pool ;)

in the dining room :D

outdoor ;D


my friends!<3

the King and Queen of Ret-reat Almasih JHS 2012! Jeremy and Karren Handoyo! LOL

[edit by me. my shoes and Clianta's shoes]

photos by: Joan MileniaFransisca Theresia and me.
Thankyou for the photos guys :)

Hmm.. How are the photos? Are that good? Sure! HAHAHA
And for grade 9, this ret-reat is the last ret-reat in Junior High School, because they will go to Senior High School :( Good bye our sister and brother! Will miss you guys :')
and, i want to see Jayeslee's video first ;) Bye-bye and Godbless!<3


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