Wednesday, December 26, 2012

Merry Christmas 2012!

Ho-ho-ho! Merry Christmas 2012 everyone!
May this lovely Christmas season bring you delights in all possible forms.
May you receive love in abudance and joy that lasts throughout this season.
May the spirit of Christmas bring you peace, the gladness of Christmas give you hope, the warmth of Christmas grant you love :)

For me, Christmas is the most beautiful time in the year. There is presents, christmas tree, and many more. Actually, i'm waiting for Christmas isn't because "Santa Claus", but because it's Jesus' day. I mean, it's Jesus' birthday :)
There is someone make a dialogue like this:
"Jesus: Hi Santa, I want to talk with you.
Santa: Yes, what?
Jesus: I'm so sad. People is waiting for Christmas because of presents and you, Santa. But, this is my birthday :("
Yes, it's true. I ever waiting for Christmas because of the presents. I'm so sorry Jesus :(

Ok, so on the Christmas day, I GOT NOTHING TO DO.
Actually, before the Christmas day, my brother got sick. Then on the Christmas day, he get well but he still weak. So weak. Because of that, me, my mom and my dad waiting for him to get well and not going anywhere. Then, I get bored and I started thinking like this, wtf you called this Christmas, this day is just like everyday! Nothing special... Thanks Jesus for keeping me alive this day even though i get very bored and nothing to do.........
Then, after I thinking that sentence on my mind, i think i get a little scold from God. He told me that's not true. And, yes! He's right. My mother told me to get ready to going somewhere, she told me that my brother is strong enough to walking. Yeay! Thanks Jesus for doing that :')
Hmm... I think I'm already tell my life story to you guys HAHAHA sorry :D

And, these are some photos from you guuuuuuys!!! :D
I told you on my last post to visit this blog again for cute new christmas post! HIHIHII ;)


my boooys! zayn harry liam and nial xx

and the last,

Merry Christmas my followers! xx

photos from: TUMBLR | WEHEARTIT

A bonus photo from my instagram

see i'm very pretty right? lol haha just jk! -__-



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  1. Merry belated Christmas to you too! Your tree is so cute!

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    please follow with GFC, just leave me a comment and I'll follow u back!

  3. awww your blog is just so cute :) and absolutely adore those nails :) thanks for your comment
    kisses from India

  4. Followed back!
    Please check also my facebook page and like it!

    1. Thanks dear!
      I've checked it and i've liked it too! ;)

  5. Magical pictures !!

    I hope that your Christmas was fabulous :)

  6. i hope you had a lovely christmas my darling and i love the christmas inspiration photos that you have posted here!
    xx rae

  7. Merry Christmas :)#telat
    WUATB ({}) :)


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