Saturday, March 17, 2012

I Love My Bestie [BestFriends]

Hi! ♬
I just go home from my School.. Hehehe xD
And, I want to share some photos about Me and My Bestie (BestFriends).
Want to see it? Check this out~

 Me and Yohanes~

 Who's prettier? :P
Of course, ME! *-_-. Me and Ivanna~ ^^


This is ME with Love Leave!
Pretty, right? xD

Okay, there is some photos of ME AND MY BESTIE~
Hehehe~ Take care, guys! I gotta go.. Bye-bye, SeeYou 。◕‿◕。


Thanks for the sweet comment in my blog.
I will reply it one by one, and of course take a look of your blog! ;D
Tell me if you want to follow each other! :)
Thank you so much!