Thursday, March 22, 2012

Introducing My Best Friends ◕‿◕

Hi, guys!
How are you today?
I'm fine, thank you ^-^ *hehehe..
I wanna share some photos of My Best Friends..
They're kind, funny and pretty and they're so exciting!

Okay, this is the photos! Get ready, set, GO SEE IT!! ^-^


1. Anastasya

She's beautiful, not really clever, like to help her best friends and kind ^-^

2. Joan Milenia

She's doesnt like to do make up, she's like reading a book, she like to laugh and she's clever ^^

3. Clianta Enesia

She's same with Joan, doesnt like to do make up.. She's clever and she's really funny :D

4. Novi Mulyadi

She's like a boy, she like sports and she's clever :D


So, they're my Best Friends.. Are they pretty like me? Haha :D
Yo, see you guys! ^-^


  1. lucu lucu =). ce michelle, cursor(mouse) di blog aku bgus gak? :D

  2. @Joan : Wkwkwk :P
    @Jovin : Thankyou! Bagus kok ^^ ak ska :D

  3. hahaha thankyou :) maen comment2 yuk ce? :D
    btw kok wallpaper nya gak ada? ^_^

  4. Yuk :D
    Iya, sengaja .. lebih bagus begini aku bilang :DD

  5. hai... I already follow your blog. :)


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