Tuesday, March 6, 2012

Rilakkuma ت

I'm searching some pictures in internet for 2 hours ._.
T I R E D :'(
Aaah! Find it! Yeeayy ^^
I'm searching for Rilakkuma's Cute Pictures! Kekeke xD
Wanna look the pictures? ^-^
C H E C K  T H I S  O U T !

1. Rilakkuma Love.

Like Me and My Someone Special *kiss*

Waiting for my JY Where is him? 

waiting for YOU to call me..

This cupcake is just for ME AND YOU, if we're eat this cupcake, we'll become a couple forever.

I will not eat this cake until you come.

2. Rilakkuma with Actress/Actor.

Rilakkuma with SNSD's YoonA

Rilakkuma with 2PM's Chansung and 2AM's Seulong

Rilakkuma with T-ARA's Eunjung

Rilakkuma with 2NE1's Sandara

Rilakkuma with 2NE1's CL

Rilakkuma with JOO

So cute, right? Gyaaaa, I wanna buy that doll! 
Where is the Rilakkuma's Shop in Indonesia? >-<
Tell me if you know! Hahaha xD
Okay, guys.. See you next time!
Michellekuma say Good Bye! (MichelleKuma : MICHELLErilakKUMA xD)


  1. Nice to meet you!Michelle!
    Thanks visit my blog and follow my blog.
    I just follow your blog.See you.

  2. Nice to meet you too!
    Urwelcome~ ^-^
    Thank you!! :) See you next time ^^

  3. Hi there, visit www.kawaiikkuma.com for all your rilakkuma needs! We're rilakkuma shop based in Indonesia ^^

    1. okay :) thankyou for give me the information!<3



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